Icon Athlete Masters Program

Crystal Lake, IL

Last week I signed up for Chris Spealler’s new masters program from Icon Athlete. So far I really like it! I can’t tell you what inspired me to do it. I guess a few reasons.

First of all, for the last year I have felt uninspired. I’ve been doing crossfit for 7 years now and I haven’t created goals or wanted to push myself. My mind just wasn’t in it. Life happens. Things change. People come in and out of your life. Time heals and I guess I just needed time to pass. I’m still processing a lot of life changes but trying to push through. Some people can let things go. I’m thinking I take longer.. which sucks but whatever. So, I needed a change. If you are stuck, change something. Right..

Second, I would say it’s because I respect Chris Spealler and the life he leads. He is a masters athlete now and has the experience. He enjoys the outdoors and has a Jeep too. And he encourages positive mental attitude!

Third, and I told the owner of my box this, but if you pay for something, you are more inclined to do it. It’s not so much about accountability for me. I’ll do the work, but it’s been a long time since I’ve logged my workouts. It’s time for me to keep track of progress and to see it.

The programming incorporates more Oly skill work, more gymnastics skill work, and mobility. Just more volume in general, which is what I needed.

My goal is simple, I mostly just want to do better in the Open next year. That’s all. And that’s what this programming is designed to do! If I make top 200 in my division.. well, sweet..

Dr. Nate

Icon Athlete


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