Level 2 Crossfit Certification

Last weekend I finished my Level 2 Crossfit Certification. I took it because my Level 1 was up in December after 5 years. I didn’t coach the first 3 years of having it but then coached these last 2 years. I got L1 because I loved Crossfit and just wanted to learn the movements from the best. I’ve coached tumbling in the past but it was an easy transition into coaching Crossfit when I was asked to.

After finishing L2 this weekend, I realized how much I needed to learn how to coach Crossfit specifically! L1 teaches the movements but L2 teaches how to coach! I thought I was good at seeing faults in movements, but I found out it was not the thing I was doing efficiently during a class setting!

My advice for any coach out there… Even if your L1 isn’t expired, take L2 as soon as you can! I learned so much and it was an amazing experience. Dave Lipson explained the importance of keeping an eye on detail with all Crossfit movements! Steve and Natosha showed effective and efficient coaching so every athlete has something to work on!

One quote from the weekend… “Just when you think you are done… You have just begun!” Or something like that. I think you get the idea.

Dr. Nate


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