A Letter

Dear Dr. Virginia Barber,

It’s been about 15 years since I started my Chiropractic journey with you. That time and that place in Nepal as a student was a magical awakening for me. I’m so happy you were there to help me during that crucial time in my life. Looking back, I see how I was shaped as a health care provider. The love and compassion that came out of caring for so many people in Nepal will never leave me. It stays in me now.

Since then, I have been on 14 other clinic abroad trips around the world teaching hundreds of student chiropractic doctors from Palmer College. I could not have had a better mentor and friend to show me not only how to care for patients but to also teach young chiropractic students how to find their inner light as a doctor. So I thank you for that!

With Love and Compassion,

Dr. Nathaniel E Bixby


One thought on “A Letter

  1. Hi Dr Nate,
    A little yellow stick note fell out of a book this morning with your name on it. It’s a pleasure to read your articles. Thank you for all the wonderful visits while you were helping in Fox River Grove. Are you still practicing in the this area? Best wishes to you.
    I do want to let you know that my son Alex is doing great in soccer. He had grown so much as a player and will be playing with the Barrington travel team this fall. So if you’re around town, stop by for a game.

    Many blessings to you,

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