Paleo Challenge 2015


Happy New Year!
I know I haven’t written for awhile but life gets busy in a very good way. It’s been an amazing year for me and I couldn’t be happier. I expect another amazing year ahead.
My CrossFit is starting their yearly Paleo Challenge. I’m usually not a fan because I don’t feel like I have energy through the day but I’m going to give it another shot. One thing I plan on doing is preparing my meals through the week. I need to bake multiple sweet potatoes and chicken and refrigerate the extra. I plan on journaling my food each day along with how I feel and include my WODs. The only problem is that the challenge is 60 days and I will be in India for part of it. Again, I just need to make sure I prepare and bring what I need with me.
Good luck with your challenges through the year. The key is to prepare the best you can. Problems may pop up but remember to reach out to your CrossFit community when you need to.
Dr. Nate


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