Volunteering for FIFA World Cup 2014

My experience as a volunteer for FIFA World Cup has come to a close. I’m happy because I had an amazing time and sad because it’s over. The World Cup is a time when people from all over the world come together and celebrate. Not just for their team but sportsman ship by trading jerseys and making friends. I had the opportunity to work with friends from Columbia, Mexico, Poland, Argentina, China, and Brasil. This has been the best cultural experience I’ve had yet!
FIFA did a great job keeping the volunteers in mind because it is the volunteers who make it run smooth. They started by creating a volunteer center where we could all gather and hang out. They had games like ping pong, computers for internet, video games, and a cafeteria where we could eat. They also hired coordinators who were caring and understanding. And through the weeks they gave us gifts to help us keep going and to show us appreciation.
I would encourage others to be a part of the experience if they get a chance. In four years they will be in Russia. But don’t wait till then, there are other times to help out even if it is volunteering for something in your own home town.
I left a little time now to explore the city of Curitiba. It’s a beautiful southern city of Brasil. Reminds me a little of Montreal because of the European influence. Well organized and easy to get around. I felt safe riding the bus and walking around but you always need to be careful anywhere you go. Below is a picture of one of the parks which has the Botanical Garden. I also need to visit the Oscar Niemeyer museum.
Overall I have fallen into the perfect cultural event. My host family has felt like family helping me so much. I thank them so much. I will go back to Chicago knowing I am living life to the fullest. Wanderlust and all.

Dr. Nate



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