I leave for Brasil in 8 days. After months of waiting to see if I got the volunteer position from FIFA, it’s finally here. I’ll be there for 2 months. The city I will be in is named Curitiba and is in the southern part of Brasil. It is known for its ecological parks and well organized transit system. With over a million people living there, I know I will have plenty to do. The month of June will mostly be me volunteering at the soccer stadium. Curitiba is hosting four of the World Cup games. Then July will be me visiting Crossfit Barigui and exploring Curitiba.
This trip will be my second international trip on my own. Most of my trips have been with Palmer College clinic abroad but my goal has been to do more on my own. I’m getting excited now. Now that Crossfit regionals are done and most of my coverage work is out of the way, I can start packing and preparing. Most everything is set but I have one little problem so far. The place which was going to host me isn’t going to work out. They can only host me for the first week. I’ve got some possible places in the works but nothing for sure yet.
This is part of my adventure and this blog will document it. I’m looking forward to meeting new people, seeing new places, and having more adventures.
So let the adventure begin.
Dr. Nate


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