What I learned from CrossFit Regionals

20140519-104313-38593320.jpgThis year was all about safety! I was impressed. When we had our morning briefing, they made it a point to always have us facing our teammates bar, so there wasn’t a bar behind us. I think we all can apply this to our own box. When ever we are oly lifting or in a WOD, look behind you and make sure nothing is there. Last thing you want is to lose control of your lift and fall back. I’ve done it and it’s not fun.
Second, I know and have realized the importance of full range of motion from the beginning of my CrossFit career. I got through Regionals only getting “no reped” once on the overhead squats. I did get warned on my handstand push-ups but corrected it easily on the next set. This last year I told myself it was more important to do full range of motion in a WOD than to got fast and cut range. I think it paid off for me.
The only thing that bugged me was the inconsistency in judging the handstand push-ups. When I watched the video archive there were so many different ways people were doing it. It wasn’t enough to get the arms locked out, you had to get your head through like a press. And there wasn’t any kipping so you had to keep your spine still through the movement even though it was arched. The judges have a hard job and over all they did a great job.
Good luck to the remaining regions!
Dr. Nate



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