RockTape FMT Seminar

Dr. Perry Nickelson, Dr. Nate Bixby and Dr. Nick Nowicki
Dr. Perry Nickelson, Dr. Nate Bixby and Dr. Nick Nowicki

So, last weekend I took RockTape’s FMT (Fascial Movement Taping) seminar. The lead instructor was Dr. Perry Nickelson and assisting was Dr. Nick Nowicki. There were around 20-24 of us with a good mix of backgrounds. Some PTs, Massage Therapists, DCs, and Athletic Trainers. The information revolved around identifying abnormal movement patters and learning how to apply the kinesiotape.
Now, before I go further, let me tell you my background in kinesiotape. I’ve been taping for about 3-4 years. I started with KT tape and watched their videos online. Nothing against KT tape but I was just finding it wasn’t holding and sticking to the athletes I was applying it to. Then I starting doing CrossFit and got introduced to RockTape. I noticed it was sticking on the skin better and stayed on longer.
Another thing that peaked my interest was the philosophy of the different companies. KT tape showed how to tape individual joint systems or muscles. RockTape addressed movement pattern. Specifically creating better movement patterns through taping multiple joint systems. I liked that philosophy not only because it made sense to me but because it matched my CrossFit philosophy of exercising multiple joint systems. So, for example, if you are experiencing knee pain. The idea is not to just tape the knee, but figure what else may be causing the knee pain. Maybe it’s a weak Gluteal muscle on the same side. So, you would tape the knee and follow the tape through the line of muscle movement to the Glute to complete the kinetic chain. This will cause the neural pathways in the brain to fire the right pattern and create a better movement taking pressure and pain off the knee.

Through the weekend we also learned how to tape for different reasons whether it was for pain, better lymph flow, posture, maternity and facial taping. All those things are addressed.
Over all I had a great time and learned a lot. I definitely recommend the course for professionals who see athletes. But really taping is for everyone who moves and wants to move better.
For more information on the course, you can follow the link @ RockTape. The link will take you to the store. Just click on training.

Dr. Perry Nickelson also created Stop Chasing Pain. More resources you.

Keep Learning, Keep Moving

Dr. Nate


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