CrossFitter’s High

Granite Games 2013
Photo taken by Raissa Capito Quick

CrossFitter’s high. It’s like a runner’s high. The sense of euphoria as you WOD. Your neurotransmitters and proprioceptors are running on all cylinders.

What’s it feel like? Well… First of all, you’re in a zone. Focus narrows. Your body moves without having to tell it to. Movements are effortless. Breathing steadies and your heart finds its natural rhythm. The body loves it, so it kicks in endorphins.

Endorphins produced in the pituitary gland (in the head) work through neurotransmitters during exercise and push opioid peptides around the body to give us a sense of feeling amazing. It pops up not only in exercise but when we experience pain, being in love, sex, etc.

It’s one of the reasons why exercise can be so addicting. We are programmed to want and seek that high like a drug but in a natural way.

For crossfitters, it could be hitting that perfect snatch, finding that perfect butterfly pull up, or finishing first in a WOD. It can even be that little burst of energy you get when you feel like you have nothing left to give. Most may feel it when we compete. That’s when you really push yourself and have a sense of focus.

As the CrossFit Games Open approaches, I encourage all crossfitters to participate, no matter what your ability is. It will be a test of your own mental strength and allow you to break barriers you may have set.

And why not get a little CrossFitter’s High while your at it.

Dr. Nate


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