Post dislocated shoulder

Ilheus, Bahia, Brasil 2013

Post shoulder dislocation

I traveled to Brasil last month with 17 students and two other chiropractic doctors. We put on a free clinic for a week and had approximately 1500 patient visits. Ilheus is a beautiful coastal town with amazing beaches. The student doctors raised money and donated supplies and toys to a community of people who needed it most.

My most memorable moment was of what happened in the photo above. We were just finishing a hike around our resort when this gentleman was sitting in excruciating pain. Friends were surrounding him trying to help him relax. He had dislocated his shoulder from playing beach volleyball. We found out he had dislocated it before many times. After looking at the shoulder and feeling the huge gap where the humeral head should be, the next step was to put it back. The only thing to do was relax and do what I was taught. This is what I tell the students all the time. But it was hard to do when they were all watching me. What a great teaching moment. Clinic hasn’t even started yet and I’m front and center with a guy in so much pain. All said and done, his shoulder went back in and he was grateful. Everyone clapped and it felt great to help someone in need.

It’s why I do what I do.

Dr. Nate



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