High Protein Energy Bar

Coffee Cacao RxBar

High Protein Energy Bar
Coffee Cacao RxBar

First of all, I’m completely bias. I love coffee. So when I heard RxBar was coming out with a coffee protein bar, I got excited. There isn’t a bar out there like this. I had to try it!

RxBar started in concept August of 2012 by Peter Rahal and Jared Smith out of Chicago. They launched with the announcement of Games Open WOD 13.1.

Peter informed me they started the business because they were never satisfied with what was available in terms of protein bars. They loved Lara bars but there was no protein, simply just date bars. They knew they could make a better one and fill a void and a need.

And that they did!

Sunday, I gave the Coffee Cacao a go. I had it in the morning an hour before a WOD. First impression… amazing! Since I didn’t have time to make a cup of coffee and go work out, it was the perfect solution for my coffee fix. The coffee taste was just right, not over whelming. I didn’t have any issues during the WOD either. It agreed with my stomach. The bar packs a punch with 15 grams of Protein. Eat it pre-WOD, post-WOD, or a between meal snack. It’s great for on the go.

The bars are Paleo friendly. Ingredients include dates, egg white protein powder, almonds, figs, cacao, coffee, and sea salt.

RxBars also have Coconut and Blueberry. Both go great with a cup of coffee, by the way.

To give them a try, contact them at:



Stay Calm and WOD On

Dr. Nate


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