Explosive Seminar with Ryan Moody

Explosive Seminar with Ryan Moody
Explosive Seminar with Ryan Moody

It’s not just a box jump seminar!!!!

It’s about breaking boundaries, overcoming fears, hitting PR’s. The information I learned last weekend, I can apply to so many things, not only CrossFit. Here are some key mental concepts from the seminar:

  • 1 – 2 – 3  Get Out of your Head  (when you start thinking too much, fear sets in)
  • Clear your Mind  (find a method to focus on the task and perform it with a clear mind)
  • Listen to your Body–  Ryan’s quote was “Too hard too fast is too bad when you’re hurt again.”

Ryan also went into technique for standing, one step, and running box jump. Hip extension and sprinting drills were shown. The key element to this was thinking of the movement as a whip. The hips are the source of power and accelerates out from the core. These drills will transfer to the squat snatch, clean, kip, etc (anything that involves hip extension into a squat). Some of us forget about engaging the hips through movements, esp after getting fatigued during a WOD. Implement X WOD programming will tap into your power house in the hips.

Ryan Moody
Ryan Moody

Now, i’m not going to give you all the information from the seminar. I want you to find one near you and go! It was worth every penny. $65 bucks for five hours. He will also email you an extensive seminar guide explaining everything including the X WOD training and how to incorporate it into your own programming.

Ryan Moody– Box Jumping World Record Holder, CrossFitter, Coach, Motivational Speaker, Athlete, BOXWEAR Apparel Owner, and one pretty chill dude.

You can find Ryan@


Twitter: ryanmoody@theBoxJumper



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