Recovery 101: Sleep

Tom Kotlowski, Sgt of Police. Taken by Marco Fernandez.
Tom Kotlowski, Sgt of Police. Taken by Marco Fernandez.

Tom is Sgt of Police in Crystal Lake, IL. He puts in long hours at work. Sometimes he may work odd hours. This puts a toll on his ability to recover not only from a long day at work but from CrossFit WODs. Tom says, “Midnight officers sometimes get extra pay because of the toll it takes on the body, sleeping during the day, and missing the nighttime recovery.” CrossFit community includes a large number of police, firemen, and military branch services. Lack of sleep can affect their performance on duty and how they recover. So, how do you change this? The article I reference from Social WOD below has a few tips including:

  • Starting a journal on sleep habits.
  • Eliminating TV and Computer Screens before bed.
  • No caffeine after a certain time.
  • Starting a bed time routine.
  • Create a better sleeping environment.

Most of us take sleep for granted. But here is what it can do for athletes:

  • Increase Human Growth Hormone (hGH) which helps us grow muscle and get stronger.
  • Reduce the chance for Chronic Diseases.
  • Cortisol levels could decrease (the stress hormone).
  • Improve Metabolism.

Below you will find a link to a great article I found on Social WOD. This article explains the science and studies of the benefits I listed above. It also goes into tips and helpful ways to improve your sleep habits. Check it out.

How Sleep Can Improve Your Fran Time

Stay Fit and WOD On!

Dr. Nate


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