Recovery 101- Flush out Lactic Acid

Dave Marshall
Dave Marshall

My Box just programmed Fran. For those of you who will go in and do a short, high intensity WOD like that, the best thing to do shortly after is to run or row out the lactic acid. Lactic Acid builds up in the muscles after a sprint like activity. The acid will cause pain and discomfort. So… don’t just lay around on the floor after gasping for breath. Get up and get on the rower!

Pick a comfortable pace and let the muscle recover from the shock you just put them through. Hit a target distance, like 750 M.

For us older athletes, it is more important to do this simple act of recovery. It will reduce soreness the next few days after. If you don’t want to hear it from me… listen to Matt Chan.

Matt Chan talking about post WOD rowing. (YouTube)

He starts talking about Recovery in minute 12:00 of the video but talks about “moving out the toxins” at minute 17:30.

Get Fit and WOD on!

Dr. Nate


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