Maddy Curley

Maddy Curley: Actress, Crossfitter
Maddy Curley: Actress, Crossfitter

Maddy Curley- Athlete Spotlight

Maddy is visiting CF AMRAP while home. She is gracious enough to share her knowledge and experience with us. 

How long have you been CrossFitting?

I have been CrossFitting for four years. I did my first few months of CrossFit in a park. That group eventually became CrossFit Hollywood. I did my first competition at Sectionals 2010, back when they didn’t have an Open and got 2nd. I went to the Games the next year and competed on Team with Brick CrossFit; we got 5th. Last year, I competed as an individual and took 7th in SoCal Regionals and 11th in the world Open.

What helps you recover from an intense WOD? tips?

I figured out rolling out helps me recover quite a bit as well as a short stretch (say five minutes) after a WOD. I also take fish oils.
During really intense training, say during the Open, Regionals, I started getting a deep tissue massage every Monday. I liked them so much, I never stopped. I use Rock Tape on any parts that feel overused before and during competition and have chiropractic adjustments when things feel funky as well.

Do you have a favorite CF movement? WOD?

Favorite CrossFit movements: I love everything overhead or using your arms: overhead squats, pull-ups, snatches, push jerks. I also love anything with abs: GHDs, toes to bars, sit-ups, knees to elbows.

Favorite WOD: Filthy Fifty, any LONG chipper

What inspires you to get better at CF?

Competition inspires me to get better at CrossFit. I especially love competing on Team and I never want to let my teammates down. In general, I love CrossFit because it makes me feel healthy and capable of conquering any athletic task. And I got to see my abs and calluses again, which I missed seeing after I stopped gymnastics. I love that it’s like a sport and you can really track your improvements.

Do you have any major CF goals for 2013?

Major CrossFit Goals for 2013: I’d love if our team made the Games again whether I’m on the team or just cheering for them. I’d also just like to be a part of the CrossFit community at large, since it has provided me so much – including help in my professional career and amazing friends. As a coach, I just want to see more and more of my athletes achieve their goals. It is so uplifting to watch a member get a PR.

Thanks, Maddy!

Get Fit and WOD on!

-Dr. Nate


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