Recovery 101- Roll Out

Rosie Marshall
Rosie Marshall

Muscle pain and tension suck, right? You’ve all had it if you CrossFit. Are you rolling out? You should be. Rolling out is one of the best things you can do to recover after a WOD! It’s the cheapest massage you could every have and you can do it everyday.  When it says ‘mobility’ on the white board as part of the warm up, you better do it, if not before the WOD, then after.

It’s easy to do. You can ask me or any of the coaches at your CrossFit. When you find a tight and tender spot, hold it for 7 seconds as a trigger point. It’ll hurt like a mother but it will help release the tension when done. Same thing goes for the lacrosse ball. It hurts even more, but dig in there and you will feel the muscle relax after. Learn to love the suck.

My routine is to roll up and down the paraspinal muscles of the back, like Rosie is doing in the pic above. Then attack the Gluts and Hamstrings. Next, work on the TFL (typically the tight mucle on the side of the thigh) and then the Quads in the front.

It’s like wringing out a wet towel. Force the old toxic blood out of the inflamed muscle and let the fresh, clean blood in.

K Star has an awesome video on how to roll out the ribs and shoulders with a dog toy. Not afraid to share the love.

Rib and Shoulder Mobility

Happy New Year and WOD on!

Dr. Nate


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